dephell vendor download

Download and extract project dependencies in a given directory.

dephell vendor download --from=requirements.txt --vendor-path=my_project/_vendor/

Some packages can be nightly and not ready for vendorization. So, you can exclude them:

from = {format = "pip", path = "requirements.txt"}

path = "my_project/_vendor"
exclude = ["jinja2", "setuptools"]

And then:

dephell vendor download --env=vendorized

How to find out packages that can’t be vendorized? Do experiment:

  1. git checkout .
  2. Vendorize.
  3. Patch imports
  4. Try to run your project.
  5. Have ImportError or AttributeError? Add this package into exclude list and try again.

See also

  1. vendor commands index to read more about vendorization.
  2. dephell vendor import to patch all imports in your project.