Packaging issues

My favorite issues collection.


  1. Pip doesn’t support Pipfile (pipfile#80).
  2. Pip doesn’t have dependency resolution (pip#988)


  1. Pipenv doesn’t support more than 2 environments for project (pipfile#99).
  2. Pipenv doesn’t support “allow pre-releases” option for single dependency (pipenv#1760).
  3. Pipenv doesn’t support python version range (pipfile#87).
  4. Pipenv doesn’t support local packages installation like --find-links in pip or dependency_links in do (pipenv#2231)


  1. Poetry supports only platform and python specification. This is not documented (poetry#738). This doesn’t allow you to specify other markers like python implementation (poetry#21).
  2. Poetry doesn’t allow you to specify editable dependencies in the config (poetry#34).


  1. PyPI API doesn’t provide dependecies list for some packages (packaging-problems#54 and warehouse#789).