dephell project validate

Validate project metadata that required to build good and compatible distribution package.


  • “field is unspecified”. Next fields should be specified and not empty:
    • name
    • version
    • license
    • keywords
    • classifiers
    • description
  • “bad name”. Project name should be normalized.
  • “version should be str”
  • “cannot find Python files for package”
  • “short description is too long”. Short description should be shorter than 140 chars.
  • “short description is too short”. Short description should be longer than 10 chars.
  • “no authors specified”
  • “no links specified”
  • “no license specified in classifier”
  • “no development status specified in classifier”
  • “no python version specified in classifier”


  • “no dependencies found”. Maybe, your project has no dependencies. Or maybe, you forgot to specify them.

See also

  1. dephell project build to build package for the project.