dephell jail install

Install package into isolated virtual environment. It works similar to pipsi, but with DepHell magic:

  1. Creates virtual environment named after package to install.
  2. Resolves package dependencies.
  3. Installs package and dependencies.
  4. Creates symlinks for package entrypoints.

Like dephell package install, it can parse any pip-compatible input. For example:

$ dephell jail install isort[requirements,pipfile]

It will install isort with requirements.txt and Pipfile support in the isolated virtual environment named isort.

See also

  1. How DepHell choose Python interpreter.
  2. dephell jail list to show all created jails.
  3. dephell jail remove to remove jail.
  4. dephell venv create for information about virtual environments management in DepHell.
  5. dephell package install to install package into project virtual environment.
  6. dephell deps install to install all project dependencies.