dephell deps install

Install project dependencies.

Dependencies from to option will be used if available. This is because when you specified in config file source dependencies in from and locked dependencies in to then, of course, you want to install dependencies from lock file. However, if to (and to-format and to-file) isn’t specified in the config and CLI arguments then from will be used.

Place to install lookup:

  1. If some virtual environment already active in the current shell then this environment will be used.
  2. If virtual environment for current project (can be specified with --config) and environment (can be specified with --env) exists then this virtual environment will be used. This is the reason why you have to create virtual environment before dependencies installation.
  3. If virtual environment isn’t found then your current python will be used.

See also

  1. How DepHell choose Python environment.
  2. dephell deps sync to install project dependencies and drop obsolete packages.
  3. dephell venv create to create virtual environment for dependencies.
  4. dephell package install to install single package
  5. dephell jail install to install some Python CLI tool into isolated virtual environment.
  6. dephell project register to make the current project importable from another project.