dephell deps check

Show difference between virtual environment and project dependencies.

dephell deps check
INFO get dependencies (format=setuppy,
INFO build dependencies graph...
    "action": "remove",
    "installed": "2.2.1",
    "locked": null,
    "name": "deal"


  • action – what would happened if you run dephell deps sync. Can be install, update or remove.
  • name – package name (wow!).
  • installed – installed version of a package. null if a package isn’t installed.
  • locked – version of a package in the dependencies graph or locked by resolver. null if a package isn’t represented in dependencies graph.

See also

  1. How DepHell choose Python environment.
  2. dephell deps install to install project dependencies.
  3. dephell venv create to create virtual environment for dependencies.
  4. dephell package install to install single package
  5. dephell jail install to install some Python CLI tool into isolated virtual environment.