dephell inspect venv

Shows information about virtual environment for current project and environment.

$ dephell inspect venv
  "activate": "/home/gram/.local/share/dephell/venvs/dephell-nLn6/main/bin/activate",
  "bin": "/home/gram/.local/share/dephell/venvs/dephell-nLn6/main/bin",
  "exists": true,
  "lib": "/home/gram/.local/share/dephell/venvs/dephell-nLn6/main/lib/python3.7/site-packages",
  "lib_size": "32.93Mb",
  "project": "/home/gram/Documents/dephell",
  "python": "/home/gram/.local/share/dephell/venvs/dephell-nLn6/main/bin/python3.7",
  "venv": "/home/gram/.local/share/dephell/venvs/dephell-nLn6/main"

Specify --env to get information about other environment:

$ dephell inspect venv --env=docs

Specify --filter to get one field from command output:

$ dephell inspect venv --filter=project

See also

  1. dephell venv create for information about virtual environments management in DepHell.
  2. dephell inspect config to get information about config parameters like venv path template.
  3. How to filter commands JSON output.