dephell docker create

Create a new docker container for the project. Usually, you don’t need to call this command directly because all other commands in dephell docker group (except dephell docker destroy) will create container if it doesn’t exist.

$ sudo dephell docker create
INFO creating container for project... (container=dephell-dephell-nLn6-main)
INFO image not found, pulling... (repository=python, tag=latest)
INFO pulled
INFO container created

By default, the command creates container with authogenerated name (based on project path and current environment) from python:latest You can specify these parameters in dephell config:

container = "container-name"
repo = "python"
tag = "3.7.4-stretch"

Also, DepHell mounts your current directory into /opt/project/ inside the container. However, it won’t be mounted if you’re running this command from root or home folder because it’s too much to mount.

See also

  1. dephell docker prepare to make a container nice.
  2. dephell venv create to create a virtual environment (less isolation, better integration).
  3. dephell docker destroy to remove a container.
  4. dephell docker shell to run shell inside a container.